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Welcome to Northbound Hounds

Saving lives one woof at a time!

We (Northbound Hounds) file 990N with the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit entity. 

Momma and Saber... both pit bulls here in permanent refuge. (This is a rare moment between the 2 of them)

Saber, severe emotional issues from being dumped so many times. Does have fight tendencies. He is from Rocky Mount NC (RIP Saber, you now have a sound mind in the heavens above)

Momma, former bait dog with fight triggers. She is from Polk County FL

About Us....

It starts with just any rescuer, it starts with one dog and manifests from there...

We have a  based home kennel set up with a few crates in the house. Everyone runs free for a few hours a day in our fenced yard. We keep our location hush as we don't want unknown dogs with unknown issues and unknown vetting dropped at our gates.

All dogs come vetted, fixed (except for puppies under 16wks), HWneg and health certs from their point of origin.

We pull dogs from NC, FL and TX... never know what we are going to have. We are NOT BREED SPECIFIC, though we try to stay away from certain breeds/sizes depending what we have in custody. IE: Fight dogs and little fluffy things are not a good mix as a pack. So will we deny little fluffy things for safety reasons so the fight dog will have a chance to reach a normal life. 

In January 2018, the board decided we need to change the way we rescue. While there are many dogs that need homes, here in the south we have a bigger problem with dogs that have behavioral problems that can not easily be adopted out. or possibly euthanized.

While we will still be doing rescue to adopt, but we will primarily be doing rescue to rehab. These dogs vary from socialization issues to abuse cases. You can follow these dogs and their progress on FB under NBH refuge-rehab  

We also will be doing more rescue to service dog. For more information on our service dog program go to FB under NBH working dog program

We file 990N status with the IRS as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation

This page is not updated like the Facebook page. Please check FB for updates.



English Bull dog mix from NC. Rescued 12/2016 at the last minute from a kill shelter. He is as bullheaded as he looks!

Lives a happy laid back life on a couch and loves napping on the patio. He suffers from massive anxiety issues to the point he is part termite. He does destroy doors and furniture. When we are out he has a specail flight crate that he has yet to destroy.