All adoptable dogs can be seen on FB at NBH adoption page

The adoption application can be found at adoption application  
 Adoption fees
            $300 young (under 2yrs)
            $200 adult  (2-6yrs)
            $100 senior (over 7yrs)
                  I train several dogs a year for working life, few make the grade so I get flunkies. Some are CGC tested, some have a flaw that aren't service dog quality but good for search and rescue etc.  

All are vetted, fixed (if over 16wks) dewormed, and HWneg. If leaving state they come with a health cert from location of origin, usually FL.

This is Saber

He is in permanent refuge here. He has been dumped so many times he has severe anxiety issues to the point of jealous aggression. But as you can see he loves his hooman! In April on 2017 I lost control of Saber and he was deemed a threat to the public (he pinned me with severe aggression in the kennels on several occasions). This form of aggression came on fast, it was believed to be brain cancer. 

RIP Saber, you have peace from what haunts you.  4/2017