Help and Donations needed

WE GOT OUR NEW HOME.... We are always looking for certain items.

  • Tractor Supply gift cards as we buy our kibble and various other kennel operational needs there
  • Lowes gift cards for custom kennel parts/design
  • Chain Link fencing
  • Kennel Panels any size
  • Pool shock (used to make strong chlorine bleach)
  • Sunshade fabric (to make coolaroo beds)
  • PVC piping
  • Stainless Steel water buckets
  • 12x12 patio blocks (kennel floors)

once we are set up... We will be looking for volunteers to help at the kennels... play with the dogs too. We welcome 4Hers, scouts and good hearted people. 

The boss is a BSA merit badge counselor for Pets, Dog care and Disability.