Rehab and Refuge

We only take dogs in under this program through local animal controls. Most of the cases we deal with are social and abuse. From time to time we will do a fight or bait case. We take in on a case by case basis as we are limited on space.

 In the rescue world, if an animal is a threat to the public and can not be corrected with intervention or medical care, the animal should be put down. This is true and accurate statement.

I would like to tell you about our Peg. Peg was from LCAC, owner surrender due to a bite. But this bite was warranted, the owner pulled on her neck when she was vomiting. So she went into quarantine for the mandatory 10days. In total she was in quarantine for 51days because she was not adoptable. Staff could handle her and her notes were positive. I pulled her on her 51st day at AC. She left a 4x6 kennel to what she classified as 10x10 luxury. She dug herself a hole in the dirt and made herself comfortable. I could leave the kennel open and she stayed put. Handle her. She'd give me kisses.
Come Labour Day weekend 2017, she decided she wanted out of her kennel. It was her terms not mine. She started mingling with the pack, loose. Come Hurricane Irma we evacuated to NC with Peg and 9 other dogs. She came through as if her past never existed. she functioned as a normal dog. 
When we moved in November of 2017 to our current location she shined again. She lived in the house with 6 other dogs and even shared the bed with them and me. There was no need for her kennel. 
Unfortunately Peg got sick from what we believe was from a Holly Tree (the berries are bitter, leaves sharp, but sap from the stump sweet). There was no saving her, she went quick and died in her HOME. 
Peg got what she longed for. Her past was left in the past and she was able to be a normal everyday loved and very loving dog...what every dog desires. That is rehab.

Now what I left out that was I was trying to buy our now home since April and we finally moved in in November. If it wasn't for keen financing, Peg was at risk. She was the type of dog that needed a rural life, not these cookie cutter communities. We didn't know what was going to happen with NBH. Myself and the board were prepared to shut down. But what to do with Peg? At the time, I called every sanctuary and rehab facility that was mentioned to me or I found on the internet. I got alot of "we only deal with purebreds" or "we don't do that type of rescue." I learned that alot of organizations are in this for the money, they want dogs the are purebred and/or a fast adoption flip. They were in rescue for the wallet not the dog.
So the board decided for Peg's sake we were going to change our mission to primarily rescue to rehab... this type of rescue makes no money, as there are no adoption fees since these dogs are either here for life or they are returned to animal control through a foster program. No, we don't charge animal control any fees as we do this for the dogs. Peg's costs while here were $1255 for food, boarding, vetting and training.
We now rely on donations...we are always in need of kibble. We feed either TSC Retriever Green or Purina Pro grain free. Our only income is a rare adoption or a dog through the working dog program (I only do 2 service dogs a year). We go through about 400lbs of kibble alone a month.